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tv   Red Eye  FOXNEWSW  March 13, 2015 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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follow me on twitter at the handle @greta. also go to if you go to facebook right now see my off-the-record about the president's tweet. see you tomorrow welcome to "red eye." i'm joanne nosuchunsky. excuse me. welcome to "red eye." i'm joanne nosuchunsky. let's welcome our guests. she is more humorous than an upper arm bone. i am here with writer comedian and role model bonnie mcfarland. and he is left handed which is just gross. it is tv's andy levey. he is the host with the most. is he a guest that can jest? i like to welcome actor, writer and comedian and first time guest, kasey jones. i would say something sarcastic about him, but he can definitely kill me. next to me is another first time guest.
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it is jonathon gillium. former navy seal and fbi agent. >> a block cht the lede. that's the first story. >> they're off to spring break in hell. three british girls suspected of traveling to syria to join isis left behind a list of stuff to buy before their big trip. it included things like make up bras underwear, boots and an epilator for the goats i assume. they say the jihadys have a tiningy winky. they enjoy shows like ""game of thrones" and" teletubbies." they have the interest in arab or muslim culture, but quote they speak our language. they have the same call tour rail references -- cultural references.
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they are products of our culture, our world. do terrorists really watch "teletubbies." we found this photo. do we have another? here are terrorists watching the show. that's terrifying. let's talk about the girls first. do they have any idea what they are in for? >> i would have to say probably not. if they think that it is going to be like their local mosque they are absolutely wrong. it does give you great insight into the fact that all-around the world money sex and basically religion are the three things that make the world go round. this is what the guys are looking for when they talk about however many virgins when they go to heaven. the reality is they are all young boys. >> i i guess the girls didn't get the pamphlet. bonnie, you respect the fact they brought make up? >> as a christian i do.
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i like that they thought it through and brought the epilator. although i think they forgot why they were joining isis. now they don't have to worry about their lady stats. >> that's why i like winter. i can wear pants. i don't have to shave my legs. they are covered. >> they evolved from the whole one color all black, nothing showing but your eyes. now they realize that what we know -- they said they like what we do in america, smooth legs push up bra. >> or one of the teletubbie costumes. >> is there anything missing from the list? >> the things they brought? >> i think they have -- mean these are all things that terrorists can use. you can turn anything into a bomb right? isn't that what they said? >> anything metallic. >> all of these things like
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make up that can be used as mace and a bra could be a crude sling shot. it is like david and goliath. >> i used it that way. >> and even the epilator. >> i never used one. i was born bald. >> it is a great look. >> it is like a hairless cat. people want to pet you. isis loves "game of thrones." you love "game of thrones." do you see where i am going? you are a liberal. >> watch your mouth. first of all full disclosure i never finished the last season of "game of thrones." i have read all of the books though. >> and other than knowing tinky-winky is gay. >> there is no proof. >> there are a few compromising photos. >> some of the low-level guys
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are into this stuff. we know they are into porn. >> low-level? >> not the leaders of the islamic state, but the everyday guys. and you always see that the people that rail against something turn out to be secretly into that thing. think of the anti-gay preacher who is secretly gay. think of the men in -- closer to home for the jihadys who cover themselves from head to toe because they have the self-control of a boy. and these girls, make up, bras, underwear boots and an epilator exactly what i packed for my vegas trip a couple months ago. and that was a fun trip. >> you didn't pack a camera and we all would have loved to have seen that. >> what happens in vegas doesn't really happen in vegas. i think that's the expression. >> something along those lines. >> this hostage who gave his account of what he saw there saying that they are watching these tv shows, does that humanize the group? is that a bad thing?
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>> is it a bad thing for them to be humanized? the reality is they are vicious killers. the fact is our children are watching the same thing that isis is watching. that to me is the most horrific thing out of all of this. "game of thrones" they wish that is how their life really was. the reality is it is not quite that exciting. the "teletubby" thing i have been saying for years that children's television is going downhill fast and this is proof of that. >> i think they look at "game of thrones" and they say wow that is so futuristic. >> i think the answer to destroying isis lies in western pop culture. we should take these shows and put some subliminal messages in there. >> teletubbies and game of
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floans, they are -- "game of thrones," they are confusing netflix. >> and which do they watch first? >> are they really so different is the question? if you see the teletubbies they go across a fast land. >> there they are. >> that is not that far off. >> think about the allergies. >> you can make them search forever for steel. >> how come you didn't make that joke? >> you know blahs -- i want to keep my knowledge to a minimum. i don't want to alarm the public. moving on, it is the first time someone wants to read a grandmother's e-mail. despite tuesday's press conference hillary clinton, no relation to george cannot shake the stench.
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it is of the e-mail scandal. they are asking for an independent investigation. he discussed the mess on tuesday with greta. >> we don't have any choice. we are going to have to talk to her about the e-mail, arrangement, the server and the security. she said we made this determination. she destroyed the e-mails that she deemed personal. there are lots of e-mails, greta, that you know are personal and public. >> hillary said the server contained private e-mails between her and mr. mill reclinton. mr. hillary clinton. but slick willy has sent two e-mails in his entire life. one was to troops and the second was to a nigerian prince looking to transfer funds as for whether president obama has a private e-mail a white house spokesman said, quote, part of the security precautions we take around that e-mail account is not
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talking publicly about it something like that. let's go to "red eye" chief political correspondent who is digging for the truth. >> okay. andy does he have a point? >> he does in regards to getting the server. >> is it a great point? >> it is. can reroll the tape from last wednesday night? what i think is the house committee says they are subpoenaing the e-mails relevant to libya. what they should do is subpoena the content of the server. she can't be trusted to turnover the e-mails. >> of course not. >> you know what is crazy, you are wearing the exact same
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thing . >> it is a different sweater. >> the take away is if congressman had watched the show live instead of dvr-ing it and not getting to it for a week it could have been solved. >> which clinton do you think is lying? >> the clintons don't lie. that's been proven time and time again. he did not have sexual relations with that woman. he did not inhale. he did not use personal e-mail -- i don't know what the story is about. >> blind faith. >> does it worry you there is not much oversight over our leader's e-mail? >> can we go to my tape from -- oh this is my first time on the show. >> you just start to pretend. >> just put on a sweater.
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>> i don't
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>> how are you going to it off on your taxes? >> i understand he is not using the internet, but it is slap in the face. >> you make a point, my friend. >> i will look that up. >> all right, they scour what you devour. a vegetarian organization claims the average meat eater will dine on 7,000 animals over a lifetime. according to their vegetarian calculator that breaks down to 11 cows, 27 pigs 2400 chickens, 80 turkeys 30 sheep
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and 4500 fish for what michael moore calls lunch. i'm sorry. that was uncalled for. they are urging carnivores to cut back on steak and pork chop for environmental reasons. we asked two vegetarians to comment. >> i don't share my food. that doesn't happen. jonathon, how many animals have you eaten in your lifetime and please don't guess. i need an exact number. >> well, it is just over that like 9,152. >> wow, you are an over achiever. >> i eat a lot of meat. i grew up in arkansas and i love animals and i have eaten a lot of animals. if we have to focus reality on our everyday events and behaviors how it really kind of makes us take a step back on how much we consume.
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i just wish they had a head cutting off calculator. the middle east would be in the running for that. >> look at that wow. >> i thought we were out of that. bonnie, there is nothing you love more than a nice, bloody steak, extra rare. >> i am going to throw up. how dare you do this? yes, i am a vegetarian. i would like to know how many people have really had 12 sheep? that seems excessive. >> there is a lot of sheep and goat talk. >> it is lamb. >> when was the last time you had lamb? >> last tuesday. >> a couple days ago. >> i didn't realize that many people were eating lamb. >> do you think this makes you better than the rest of us? >> it does. here is the thing. i do get grossed out eating meat but i strongly believe we need to keep killing.
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look, i grew up on a farm and i know what happens if you let the cow population just go. we will be over run with bovine. >> is that a real concern though? >> yes. >> we will have all of these extra animals? >> i feel like there are so many people in the world and we need to eat other things. i think we will have to start eating bugs. i think a great message that vegetarians should put out there is to eat bugs. >> of course. >> how did you not think of that? >> bugs are people too. they are a living thing. >> my wife is a vegetarian and she says -- >> wait, you are married? >> yeah, i'm sorry. >> can we put her on the terrorist list? >> she doesn't eat meat because it could be a person. the way it is cooked -- you can describe a piece of us and
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it could look like a person and that's one of the main reasons. >> i don't want to live my life in fear like tay. >> but the taste is totally different. >> but he is saying we will become cannibals? >> she doesn't want to eat it because you can just kind of -- >> it could be anything. >> it could be anything. >> like a knuckle. >> you will eat almost anything, andy. what is your favorite animal? >> i have eaten 9,153 animals. >> nailed it. 13 sheep. >> i am curious why they only looked at human meat eaters for this. >> i am a man-eater. >> why don't they yell at the carnivorous animals? they should all go to africa and have an open dialogue with the lions and the cheetahs and the leopards about how problematic they are for being carnivorous. >> i hope they isolate the words all go back to africa.
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>> i thought about that when i came up with the point earlier. >> when i see something wrong i will call it out. >> their main argument is that this diet helps the environment. they are using less resources to, i guess, raise and kill the animals. and the animals put out less co2 or we do. >> you are saying we all become vegetarians. >> the world environment would be better. >> i think people would die which is what we need to happen. >> so my next point is we need to check our next world privilege. here we are discussing food choices when some people can't even eat. >> we have fat homeless people. boom. we are doing all right. >> and that's in part thanks to the meat mcdonalds produces. >> if you want to call that meat. >> i do want to call it meat.
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>> i think we can all say thank you, obama. coming up, my new book. her waves makes waves. but first, a jury makes pherrell pay millions for stealing a song. i bet now he will think twice about stealing an artist on "the voice."
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it is a hard line on blurred lines. a jury awarded 7.4 million dollars to the children of marvin gaye who sued pharelle williams and robin thicke saying it copied "gotta get it
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up." here is the marvin gaye song. >> ♪ keep on dancing ♪ >> and here is the "blurred lines song." ♪ that does sound very familiar. actually, here is the real "blurred lines song." ♪ maybe i'm going deaf ♪ ♪ maybe i'm going blind ♪ ♪ maybe i'm out of my mind ♪ ♪ >> despite the jury finding no willful copyright infringement they will pay the enormous lump sum. ti was not found liable. thicke said he did not write the song and he was high and
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let pharell do the work. pharell said he did not steal the music. >> i understand there are similarities but i also understand the notes are different and the songs are not the same. no one owns a genre and no one owns a groove. >> jonathon, do you agree with the verdict? >> i would like to talk to you about the e-mail servers. you know, first off, how could anyone think allen thicke's off spring could have anything without stealing it from a smart person. that's the biggest problem we have here to begin with. >> are you a fan of the song though? do you like "blurred lines"? >> the video is nice. you can steal a groove and put women half naked in there and most people are just gonna
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look past it and not even think about it. >> bonnie, is stealing okay? you steal material all the time. >> i do. >> where i work there is a lot of funny people. there is a lot of inspiration. $7.4 million is nothing to those guys. it is not it is maybe two homes for them. that is something. you really think they are living in a $3.5 million home? >> evidently they are high anyway. >> that's like a one-bedroom apartment in chelsea. it is nothing. >> i hope to marry into nothing then. there are so many musical notes in existence. aren't similarities inevitable? that's why we have the mash ups. >> totally. >> totally. millenial. >> i also don't understand why
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nonmusicians are getting the money. it is going to marvin gaye's family. did they have any part of the song? did they have part of the recording? >> it is his estate. what are you going to dig him up and hand it to him? >> i guess because he is a brand now? >> i hope some of the money goes to the musicians playing on the record. it is not it will go to the record company. >> he is a socialist. we just found that out. >> let's try to find everyone on facebook. >> anyone who has listened to "blurred lines" deserves at least a nickel. they have to pay 7.4 million even though the jury said they were not willfully infringing on the copyright. how much would they have to pay if they were willfully -- >> the first time i heard "blurred lines" i thought wow that's really gay. >> that was good. >> the jury made the wrong
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decision here. anyone that heard "gotta give it up" and you heard" blurred lines" you say it has a similar vibe, but the songs are not the same. tom petty said i disagree with the verdict and i think they took production and arrangement, but not the song. i think that's exactly right. if this is going to be how it is now, then i am looking forward to mark ronson and bruno mars to be sued against multiple people. >> you heard it here first. >> it is getting ugly. >> we broke the news. i heard similarities and it is the percussion that is used it is like a bean can or that tinny sound. >> it is like bottles. it is seeds in a -- >> careful careful.
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>> it is the tinny sound. >> coming up, a prom-posal that involves a felony and a farm animal. going alone doesn't sound like a bad idea. first a word from our sponsor. >> tonight's sponsor from instructional dvd. let a pro show you what you know before.
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is it charming or alarming? a boy likes a girl and asks her out repeatedly. her answer is always no. should he stop trying? the girl's mother says yes. >> you are a boy who like my daughter. she is smart, cool, beautiful, very thoughtful and an all-around great girl. what i don't like is how you treat her. are you confused? you probably picked up some society messages how when you want something you need to try harder and go at it and do whatever you can to get it. don't give up. maybe it is for this reason you repeatedly ask my daughter out, in the hall on the bus and you write her poems. her responses have been no thanks. stop asking me. no. go away. >> she is saying no. person who likes my daughter this goes for all aspects of your life. if someone tells you no and you ask again it is not cool, attractive and respectful. it is harassment.
12:33 am
my daughter has the right to change her mind. until then do not ask her out do not suggest a relationship. do not talk to her about her discomfort about her pursuing her. leave her alone. instead, you can journal your thoughts and talk to a trusted friend and adult. think about ways you can show respect to others and practice them. sincerely go add disson. >> thanks, mom. i would like to start with the only mother on the panel, andy. just kidding. bonnie, you are a mom. >> i birthed something, yes. >> would you do the same thing for your daughter? >> no. first of all i will say this about her. earlier in her life she said can i get braces? and they said no. she got them anyway when she was old enough. >> end of discussion. >> i just thought about that. >> here is the thing.
12:34 am
i know for a fact her daughter was problem blew standing on the side going no mom please no. super embarrassing to have your mom first of all be a youtube whatever she is. and then to talk about you and yeah, tell that guy alternative things he can do. try jumping rope or journaling. >> kasey you said in the green room that she is the coolest mom ever. >> she is awesome. you guys are monsters. >> if i was going to be picky about anything give the message like -- more to the world instead of one dude. just to say it to one kid is weird and that kid will be like "f" you. >> is she shaming him by pointing him out? >> a little bit. >> omg. >> i think it is a good message. i don't think it is hurting anyone and i understand. this is the age we are living in. >> and too our culture has a
12:35 am
lot to do with it. these romantic comedies teach these guys to never give up and you will get the girl eventually. are these movies evil? >> well, they are unrealistic because it gets you nothing but charged in this day and age. >> name two kate hudson movies right now. >> president cay go down that road. >> "american sniper". >> and "lone survivor." >> the problem you are seeing is despite the fact that she looks possessed when she is talking in this thing and she is really trying to teach her daughter to learn helplessness. it is all an attitude and also if it is a problem go to the teacher and then to say the person doing this they are
12:36 am
putting it on him. i grew up in a home with all women. i got beat up my whole life which is probably why i became a seal. >> we all get even somehow. >> my mom taught all of us how to be strong people and stop the problem yourself. plus if you ever wanted to get your kid bullied this is the perfect way to do it. >> unfortunately because those kids do know how to use the internet. >> andy, you council teens. what is your advice to guys who have been turned down? >> this is bad, bad advice from crazy eyes lady. when you can see the white all the way around it is crazy eyes. if romeo had taken this advice he and juliette would not have romantically committed suicide together. if avalard kept after louis he would not have been castrated in his sleep. all of love actually would
12:37 am
never have taken place. think about it. think about a world without love actually. that's what the monster wants. i was going to say i liked it, and now i don't. jesibel le e reported on it. >> do you think she is exercising her own past. she is very young. she probably was a child bride and wished her no had been heard. >> she had a no problem. >> the girl who did the voice acting for the daughter was really -- >> like this guy will not sway from his politically correct fans. >> he edited that video so he is a little biased there. >> do you want to saying in to the seal?
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>> all right, a pun could land them in the pen. this week four teenage boys in georgia were arrested for stealing a goat off of someone's property. the plan was to feature the animal in a prom-posal. yes, one of the teens told cops he wanted to use the goat to ask the girl quote, will you goat with me to prom? the goat's owner pressed charges and three of the boys were charged as adults. so the boys are hoping they won't go to jail. i just did that. the camera is still on me right now. >> i don't think the applause is over yet. >> do you think the teens should be charged. it is the greatest acro anymore of all time. and then you say something like -- >> then you say if you went with me prom would be goat.
12:39 am
and then that makes more sense that -- than goat to prom? florida step up your game because georgia is coming for you. and i believe one of the 10 command comments said thou shall not steal your neighbor's goat. >> are these prom-posals going too far and too crazy? >> absolutely. i remember when i didn't get asked to prom. >> now i feel bad for making fun of you. >> that's why i sided with the no. every time i asked someone i heard no. the goat should be charged as adults i think that's the thing. >> put me on the senate. i think the other thing is it
12:40 am
is a goat. relax a little bit. but to the kids you are wrong. the goat isn't harmed. what if the goat wasn't harmed. then they should be charged jie. we need to -- >> we need to look at the fact that this was a full grown goat. if it was a lamb it was a different story. you do not mess with people's goats in the south. i think they are going over board. they should have let them do it. i have been a cop before. sometimes the victims can go over board and sometimes you need to throttle back a little bit and say, okay, they were kids trying to do a prank. let's fix this. >> you think they could work something out with the goat's owner like maybe they have to work his land for a week. >> clean up the poop.
12:41 am
bonnie real quick have you ever said no to a goat? >> i grew up on a farm and so i had to do a you -- a lot i wasn't interested in. somebody please don't cut me off. >> more delightful stories about bonnie's childhood when we come back. first, huer is what is coming up tomorrow on "kennedy." >> hi, happy friends. did you hear hillary clinton is in the middle of an e-mail scandal? i am watching that like a hawk. that's my hawk noise. see you at 10:00 p.m. eastern and 7:00 p.m. pacific on the fox business network.
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is dishing on-line scorn like leaning on the horn? twitter anger is similar to road rage. dr. richard sherry said the distance you feel from others on-line is comparable to how you feel about other drivers. and it can lead otherwise normal people to lash out uncontrollably. when using these sites they can feel empathy and compassion toward others and they are quicker to judge and more dangerously reactive in their anger andy. and research bears this out. a british survey found 84% of
12:46 am
users feel they get angry with other people on-line more easily than they do in person. does this make sense to you? >> i just wish we had a block for life. >> do you remember talk to the hand? i think that's what that was. >> is that over? >> i grew up on a farm. >> did you go after people? >> twitter is like mma fighting. mixed martial arts, cage fighting and no one will get injured. you just have tons of strong people. twitter takes the gloves off and gives people steroids. they think they can say and do whatever they want. what is really interesting is people who have something to lose get goated into the arguments.
12:47 am
>> the best is when they block someone they kept tweeting out. >> the first night i was ever on her -- geraldo's show and he tweeted a half facial cede pick -- half naked picture. >> now we know the inspiration. >> how many people do you abuse daily on twitter? >> i will say i have never, ever gotten a mean tweet. i don't really know. i enjoy -- no. i think there is honestly not enough on-line bullying. i know i come up with some challenging statistics when i say that.
12:48 am
you know when i read the comment section i look at the picture of the person and if they are attractive i am much less angry about what they are saying. >> and then you are immediately like this would be a healthy relationship for me. that's what i think. 35% say they have posted something in anger that they later regretted. do you ever regret tweets? >> no. i am a better twitterer. in social situations i'm a mess. i am not very good. like in fact i feel like i have never -- i promise you i never september a [bleep] pick, but all of my friends have seen my penis. >> then you don't need to take the mental picture. >> are we friends? >> almost there. >> so you never sent a picture of dick cheney? >> i sent a picture of a [bleep] with a rooster.
12:49 am
>> according to the survey young people are most likely to have internet road rage. why do you think that is? >> do you think we are still on the air right now? there is a slight chance we are not. >> new guy kicked out. >> i think they are worse at controlling their anger and they are more comfortable sharinging their feelings on-line. middle aged people like bonnie are less likely to feel like that. really old people -- i think really old people don't control their anger. that's by choice because they don't give a damn. they tend not to be on social media. i think it makes sense that it is younger people. >> and i find it angry on twitter. i can't drive because i live in a city. i take that out when i am walking down the street tweeting. coming up lego judges. and do you have videos of your animals? send them to fox eye.
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andy and i will be on lou daabs tonight, thursday at 7:00 p.m. on fox business network. coming up on "red eye" dagin mcdowell and gavin mcginnis. who is hosting?
12:54 am
you will have to tune in. >> e block. last story. that's the last story. >> we don't have any actual proof. these justices can't get any justice. if you were hoping to buy legos of our female supreme court justices, forget it. lego deemed them too political. sandra day o'connor and elaina kagen make up the legal justice league. a lego idea created in celebration of international women's day. lego rejected the league because according to winestock they don't accept symbols. lego does sell a white house set seen here. inseed is a lego kenyan born socialist president. he is in there so they say. jonathon it is because they
12:55 am
are women, isn't it? >> i do think so. it sounds conspiracy theorist, but i think a lot of these issues become issues at certain times. hillary right now is wanting to run for president and all of a sudden women's equal rights are a huge issue. and now the lego thing comes out. >> would you want your daughter playing with tiny supreme court justices? >> i don't allow legos of any kind and jaws -- justices female or not. you step on them and they do hurt. as far as your hatred of quality there is a -- >> well there may not be a glass ceiling but it is interesting how things come up at certain times. >> yes. what would be your most controversial lego
12:56 am
submission? >> most controversial lego would be -- like a black face lego? >> i didn't know he was going there. that's awful. >> they definitely would say no to that. >> only in obama's america, right? >> you are completely right. this is obviously sexist. nobody asked, but it proves my point. it leads to a more important question. why is there not a lego "red eye" set? i understand now that greg's gone they missed the chance to say his was life sized, but you can still make a set. it is rock -- it is long overdue. >> special thanks to bonnie mcfarland. keep clapping, tv's andy levey. that does it for me. i'm joanne joanne know saw --
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